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    Harder Johansen

    The company Harder Johansen S.L. was founded in 2008 by Thomas Harder Johansen.

    Harder Johansen S.L. is based in Benahavis, Spain, the heart of the Costa del Sol. 

    Harder Johansen S.L concentrates on delivering key solutions for clients with the collaboration of trusted companies & partners, providing the best service which results in many satisfied customers and amazing projects.

    Thomas Harder Johansen has been educated as a car mechanic in Denmark and has used his technical acumen to build a career for himself in the construction industry. His passion lies in good craftsmanship and practicality for the user, being an important focus.

    Since 2003 Thomas Harder Johansen has been delivering, bespoke key interior solutions to private clients, developers and companies across Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Scandinavia.

      With the franchise of HTH, INVITA and unoform as the main suppliers for interior solutions to Harder Johansen S.L, the client is guaranteed quality, delivery and security from Scandinavia’s strongest brands.

    Thomas Harder Johansen`s philosophy is that all requests, regardless of their size, need the same serious, professional dedication. Harder Johansen’s team only leave when the job is completed and the client is totally satisfied. The organisation has a well established infrastructure, including their own fleet of service vehicles, which means that they offer their clients the quickest and most direct service in case of an emergency.

    Communication is a key component in their success. From the very first meeting with the client to the finished result, They do their very best to keep an up to date, well documented and positive dialogue. Presentation of a project involves the utmost care, attention to detail and time, so it is important that design, budget and expectations meet to bring the clients vision to life.

    For larger and more complicated renovations or building of houses & developments they work closely with an architectural studio who support them with construction permits, drawings, technical knowledge and ongoing specialist support for a smooth execution

    Kvalitet og ekspertise (Quality and Excellence) is the core of there Danish mentality, this underpins all of there work including delivery, planning, quality, service and costomer care

    We welcome you as our next customer.

    Thomas Harder Johansen
    CEO / Harder Johansen S.L.
    Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards / Un Saludo / Freundliche Grüsse



    If you have a question about our themes, please feel free to contact us!

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    We are a small, creative team, specializing in interior and kitchen design. Our goal is to create your dream home on the Costa del Sol.